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Since 1956


 Our Restroom Products

At Topper, we provide products for your restroom to improve cleanliness and hygiene. We will install the dispensers and service the product, allowing your staff to be in front of the customer.

Topper — our restroom services list

Paper Products
• Hygienic "No-Touch" Dispensing
• Portion control/one-at-a-time servings reduces over-use and waste
• Tough, locking dispensers eliminate pilferage
• Fully enclosed paper stays clean and dry and provides maximum protection
• Soft, absorbent towels dry hands quickly and gently
• Quiet reliable performance
• Attractive designs look good, and promote positive business image
• High capacity systems reduce labor cost and down time

Soap Products
• Environmentally responsible
• Ingenious, innovative dispensers that ensure best cost-in-use
• Foam system provides highest quality soap formula
• Quick foam and quick lather
• For industrial application, we offer heavy duty hand cleaner

Air Care
• World leading fragrance pallet and award-winning systems
• Innovative dispensing platforms
• Highly effective and cost efficient odor control for 90 days
• Envrionmentally friendly TCell Air Care program operates without batteries, no propellants, recyclable and emits no VOCs