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Since 1956


 Our Food Processing Products

We know the food processing and grocery industries – your need for clean and hygienic, sturdy and durable uniforms that protect your staff and the food products they work with. We also know you need a cost-effective solution. So we’ve tailored our service offerings to your business.

Topper — our food processing and grocery services list

• Counter coats, butcher coats, aprons, coveralls, pants and shirts
• Range of styles and sizes to suit your staff
• High-quality textiles selected for durability and comfort
• Delivered to your door — freshly cleaned and pressed

Floor Mats and Mops
• Entryway walk-off mats in range of standard sizes and colours
• Available embossed with your corporate logo
• Ergonomic cushioned anti-fatigue mats
• Durable rubber walk-off mats to improve workplace safety and cleanliness
• Wet mops

• Heavy-weight towels
• Durable and absorbent

Storage systems
• Variety of lockers, garment racks and bag stands
• Improved inventory security and organization and
workplace cleanliness