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Since 1956


 Our Restaurant Products

We know the restaurant business - your need for elegant, perfectly laundered and finished table linens and for durable uniforms and the sometimes unpredictable business fluctuations that you experience. So weve tailored our service offerings to your business
Topper services for the Front of the house

Table cloths and napkins
• Durable textiles designed for luxurious look and feel
• Available in a range of standard sizes and colours
• Freshly cleaned, pressed and finished to exacting standards

• Popular hot towel service
• Premium quality, generous size and fresh lemon scent

Floor Mats and Mops
• Entryway walk-off mats in range of standard sizes and colours
• Available embossed with your corporate logo
• Ergonomic cushioned anti-fatigue mats
• Wet mops

Topper services for the Back of the house

Chef ’s Show coats
• Personalized with pocket embroidery
• Hand-pressed and delivered on hangers
• Range of styles and sizes for improved fit

• Chef coats, pants, cook shirts and aprons
• Range of styles and sizes to suit your staff
• High-quality textiles selected for durability and comfort
• Delivered to your door — freshly cleaned and pressed

Bar towels
• Specially constructed from heavy-weight terrycloth
• Improved performance and durability

Kitchen towels
• Heavy-weight dish towels
• Durable and absorbent

Rubber kitchen mats
• Durable mats to improve kitchen safety and cleanliness

Storage systems
• Variety of lockers, garment racks and bag stands
• Improved inventory security and organization and workplace cleanliness